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Tubbellebunk trial

UPDATE: Trial 11/10 morning, 8AM Eastern Time, BE THERE :D


VERDICT HANDED DOWN: Based on the evidence provided by cncr04s, we can see that many ppl opened the chest including known griefers. Sb was right in that tubblebunk opened it, and it's really hard to find specific things in the logs because they're HUGE. cncr has a script that can crawl logs a bit easier, so he was able to find more evidence more quickly. Based on that, tubblebunk can't be held guilty alone for anything other than OPENING the chest. We brought up that he's been accused before of griefing, but he came to us proactively and asked for the compromised acct to be banned. Weighing the evidence, we found him NOT GUILTY and untarded him. We gave him a stern warning tho, as this is the 2nd accusation, if there's another stealing and his name is tied to the chest suspicions are going to be raised. We told him to keep his nose clean and his head down.

Tubbellebunk (a.k.a. Premium) was banned on November the 5th under suspicion of buglary and destruction of property. The following is evidence of the theft.

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Do you LIKE being griefed

Ok, this has gotten ridiculous. Every week someone asks me to spawn them items because they were robbed and every week I find one more structure demolished or partially destroyed because of a griefer. I have no problem helping people out when this happens but it is so frequent and we hardly ban enough griefers to make up for it. Obviously there is one or multiple griefers on our server rippen shit up and pissin people off. People get mad about it and complain but they forget and it seems like nobody really cares. I get that this is just a video-game but, at the same time, you guys want to ENJOY the game, right? You know, I hate to keep bringing it up, but we never found out that Audr was a cereal arsonist until I looked into it. He had been doing this since the server went up in December and nobody paid any mind. But isn't it nice not having to worry about 1 more griefer trying to obliterate your creations? I have appointed myself the Chief Investigator (CI) of the griefings but all I really need is for more people to report the crimes to me as soon as they realize it and try and give me a rough time frame between when they knew that, for example, their stuff was in their chest and when they found out it was gone. Even if it could have happened in a WHOLE DAY the information is helpful. And you guys think I'm going a little bit crazy about this then think of it this way, i don't want this griefer, who we've already identified to exist, to steal my shit so I want to find out who it is and ban them. How ever you want to look at this, we should take action to actually AVOID the griefings rather than cope with them. We shouldn't have to adjust our enjoyment of the game to fit with the stealing and burning.