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Gold Snoop Lion Skin

Here's your skin, Gold. I couldn't copy the logo on his shirt exactly, so I decided to customize a little. Who's next?


Okay, listen up. I'm going to say this once and only once. If you haven't already left a comment asking for a skin, but you still want one, fill out this form. The wait list can be found here.

Drowning Bacon Man?

So...Goldstar sent me this photo, with no explanation at all, of a dead drowning bacon man.

God dammit I love that little german fucker...I'm gonna adopt him one day, mark my words.

Gold likes to tickle the balls :D

Gold sees a giant schlong and just can't help himself, he has to tickle the balls :/

MrGoldstar, your friends are looking for you

So, as I was going through the logs I noticed right away something very interesting. Please, note the similarity between the following.

2011-03-02 08:15:52 [INFO] <Ma3taBla3ta> dani?

2011-03-02 10:57:31 [INFO] <FabiGamer> dani?

2011-03-09 12:36:56 [INFO] <FabiGamer> dani?

2011-03-09 12:37:28 [INFO] <FabiGamer> dani!

2011-03-09 12:51:53 [INFO] <FabiGamer> dani?

2011-03-10 12:39:58 [INFO] <FabiGamer> dani?

2011-03-11 16:39:21 [INFO] <Ma3taBla3ta> dani? :D

I litterally just did a search through the logs from JUST THE MONTH OF MARCH for "dani" and this is what I found. The sad part is, I did not make a single one of these up...