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Fun times.

Here are some funny pictures. Spikey did a good job roleplaying minnie.

Dear teh3l3m3nts…

Hey guys, it's Morate. I'm starting a letter system where a group of letters will be delivered to one server member/admin/owner each week, on Thursday. (I picked Thursday because it sucks and maybe getting a few nice letters will prevent somebody's suicide.) Here's how it will work: E-mail your letter to the specified person to me exactly as you want it to show. My e-mail is grahamcfoster@gmail.com. As I get the letters, I will add them to a draft that will be timed to upload on Thursday. (LIKE A BOMB. They always explode on Thursday. One of the many reasons Thursday sucks.) I will NOT accept letters on or after Thursday. We will send letters to a different person each week. The first week will be... drumroll, please... Surf. It will be sent on the Thursday after Thanksgiving. Again, the e-mail is grahamcfoster@gmail.com. I will pick the one letter I think is the best (for whatever reason) and make it bold.Surf, if you don't mind, could you help me complete the Google Docs list I shared with teh3l3m3nts? It's self-explanatory. Thanks guys! See ya in 1.0!


P.S. Be sure to include your username. No anonymous crap. I CAN and WILL get your name. If I can't, I won't send your letter.


It was just an average day on teh3l3m3nts... I was working on my Sky Coaster, and Kirby was collecting stuff from the mob grinder. All of the sudden, Kirby told me to go to the grinder, so I did. This is what I saw:


The mob grinder spawned a squid! Isn't this the best thing ever? I mean, what are the odds? Well, I'm off to kill the squid now. Just thought you guys would like this!



Apparently, it spawns squids a LOT. Sometimes it even gets glitchy and tentacles start reaching out of the walls.