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Get Back at Google!

Remember how Google screwed us over a while back? Well, now's our chance to get revenge! I've started a Tumblelog in protest of Google's douchiness. It's really obscure right now, but I'm going to have some friends with lots of followers tell everybody about it, and hopefully it will grow into something big. With some luck, maybe we can even cripple Google. I need your help to get started though. Surf, I'm tasking you with submitting your Adsense story to the Tumblelog. As for the rest of you, if you have a bone to pick with Google, please submit that too. (And don't bother telling me that this crazy idea of mine will never work. That's what they told this guy.) Spread the word guys! I'm going after the big one!

The URL of the Tumblelog is antigoogle.tumblr.com.

Where Did The Google Ads Go?

This is gonna be a long post. It's gonna be very angry and very tiradey, and have a LOT of bad words behind the MORE tag, for your sensitive sensibilities. The short version of this tirade is: As soon as Google owed us money, they banned my account for "fraud." Wanna hear more? Click ahead...

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