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New Feature: Forum!

Sup everyone! I've been doing a bunch of work behind the scenes, for example, moving into my new house, doing some rewiring, setting up all my networking stuff, and prepping for a new piece of hardware which will be running the server out of hopefully my house. Also, MrsPinkin (a.k.a. OverjoyedWorm) has been helping me with some behind the scenes stuff, and we have been talking about ways to make our community better

We came up with the idea of having a forum. Mostly the idea grew out of wanting to have a place for factions to discuss things without all being on at the same time. Also...this isn't just a minecraft server, this is a community, and we have things to discuss OUTSIDE of the game.

So we played around with a phpbb install, but it would have meant a whole new login system and stuff, and just wouldn't have been smooth. We found a wordpress plugin that integrates elements of a forum right into the existing structure; no new theme, no second user database, and we can tie in forum posts to stories and stuff.

There's a link to the forum in the sidebar, check it out and begin using it, tell us what you think, and blow it up!