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Fantasy Football

Hey oh! Been a long time since I brought this up but EpicBlob reminded me at school today that I had to take care of this. This will be a Yahoo league (kermit, suck it up :D). These people need to e-mail their preferred e-mails (to lanflan@comcast.net) or comment on this post their preferred e-mail : EpicBlob, rtkermit, Nikewarrior, Helldome, and BustaCapps. I ask that you get me these e-mails in the next 3 days because I plan to have the draft this Sunday around 3 p.m Eastern Standard time. Another question, would you guys prefer Head-to-Head (every week, you would compete against someone else in the league) or we could do Points only (every week, you get points for your players successes and they add up until the last week. Whoever has the most, wins). Cool? cool.

Thank you,

Landon (freddiekclarke or SaintLandon)