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Surf is Stupid at Trolling

So, Landon had nicknamed himself "I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches" and Surf didn't know that somehow. So the following transpired.

2011-06-10 14:54:08 [INFO] surfrock66: I dunno if you guys notice, when landon signs on I like to act like he's interrupting
2011-06-10 14:54:12 [INFO] surfrock66: and epic offensive conversation
2011-06-10 14:54:17 [INFO] surfrock66: I have one cocked and ready to go
2011-06-10 14:54:18 [INFO] theFrog: i didnt
2011-06-10 14:54:21 [INFO] surfrock66: when he comes on next.
2011-06-10 14:54:23 [INFO] I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches: hello
2011-06-10 14:54:24 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] surfrock66: /list
2011-06-10 14:54:25 [INFO] TheFamtomMenace: sweet
2011-06-10 14:54:28 [INFO] surfrock66: DAMMIT
2011-06-10 14:54:31 [INFO] theFrog: ahahhah
2011-06-10 14:54:32 [INFO] I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches: hahahahahaha
2011-06-10 14:54:32 [INFO] surfrock66: GOD DAMMIT
2011-06-10 14:54:34 [INFO] Grahan_Solo: HAHAHA
2011-06-10 14:54:37 [INFO] TheFamtomMenace: hahahaha
2011-06-10 14:54:47 [INFO] I'mAdminAndMorePowerfulBitches: fail surf
2011-06-10 14:54:48 [INFO] theFrog: ./list helps hahah
2011-06-10 14:54:51 [INFO] surfrock66: Fucking a fail.
2011-06-10 14:54:56 [INFO] surfrock66: I saw that...I thought it was gold :/
2011-06-10 14:55:01 [INFO] surfrock66: because I'm dumb
2011-06-10 14:55:09 [INFO] Grahan_Solo: do it 2 sum 1 else THATS NOT ON!

/give fail

Ok, going through the logs, I've seen plenty of people unsuccessfully trying to item things to themselves, but this one was particularly good:

2011-06-01 13:52:46 [INFO] fireball1379: give fireball1379 64 diamond
2011-06-01 13:52:52 [INFO] williamhcarlton: lmao
2011-06-01 13:52:55 [INFO] williamhcarlton: nice try fire
2011-06-01 13:53:07 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] fireball1379: /give fireball1379 64 diamond
2011-06-01 13:53:07 [WARNING] fireball1379 was denied access to command.
2011-06-01 13:53:26 [INFO] williamhcarlton: at least it wasn't "give fireball1379 64 TNT"
2011-06-01 13:53:32 [INFO] fireball1379 lost connection: disconnect.quitting


Hey everyone, looks like the hosting provider is having some issues. We can log into the admin panel, but the server version is back to 1.4, we can't update it to 1.5_02, and we can't get it to start. The error we're getting is that their host is under heavy load, meaning it's nothing wrong on our end.

We'll keep checking in every so often to see if we can't get it started, and you should do the same. Rest assured, I downloaded the latest backup, so EVERYTHING will still be there for you, your precious cubes are safe. For the time being, you'll just have to suffer through playing some Portal 2 :D