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Castle Estel

For some time now our member lvdarkwolf has been making an epic castle, its being constructed stone by stone with inspiration from the original Castle Estel created by Revolve.
She feels its time to show it off to the rest of the world.


Click read more, for more pictures, Its best to view the video in a new window. "Watch on Youtube"
Images and video captured by cncr04s.

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Important News! (he said over dramatically)

I have travelled far, battling my way through rough terrain and completing many a perilous challenge. At times I did doubt that I would make it through, but I kept reminding myself that I had to inform my comrads of what I knew. Now, I have returned with news that you must all hear!
We have chosen to use BustaCapps ninja skins for the PVP battle tonight. The battle will be at 9 PM EST (eastern standard time). Admins will be in red, Members will be in blue, and I, your trusty but very suspicious camera man, will be wearing the classic gray t-shirt with the letters "Fe" written on it.
Get ready to battle, comrads! For TONIGHT WE LIVE TO DIE!