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teh3l3m3nts National Museum

Sup fellow 3l3m3ntals! The demons possessing Surf were vanquished and sent back to the void. Surf himself had to die, but we all live in Minecraft where death is only temporary, so no big deal. Surf's possessed body, when it was destroyed, dropped some artifacts. I have collected these artifacts, and I intend to start a server museum near spawn. There's one problem though. I don't have the materials or the time.

If you'll remember, Pirate was in the same situation a while ago. What I'm asking is if I can temporarily be made an admin while I finish this project so that I can switch in and out of creative. While I have been pestering Surf to make me a full-time admin for quite a while, I would only need temporary admin for this project. (I've been part of the server for a year and 11 months, so don't worry about me going berzerk and griefing everything. I promise I won't.)

The second thing that I'm asking is whether anybody has anything to donate to the museum. It can be anything from a book that helped defeat Surf *cough cough* Omo *cough* to the first sword you ever made. Also, if you have any ideas about the museum, let me know.

Tell me what you guys think of my propositions in the comments!

Ok so heres a proposition…

so ive been thinking lately about how things are on the server and today whilst talking with wilson i had an idea, so here it is:

-scrap quest world

-scrap skyworld

-scrap update world

- keep nether, end (obviously lol)

-create new main world (with current main world being phased out over say a 3 month period)

-create new creative world (flatlands world type with creative, only open to 'trusted' member of say 4 months +)

-eventually scrap current main world

now this would mean only 3 worlds would remain, noob, new main and creative (excluding nether and end)

which is a lot less than the current 5. i thought that scrapping these worlds made sense as i have been tracking which worlds players are using and for over 90% of the time only main world was being used. This means by reducing or world sizes it would mean a cheaper server to run (unless we get a ton of new people) CORRECTION: the price wouldnt be affected by these changes, thanks cnc for letting me know.

tell me what you think in the comments below, i have a good idea in my head about the reactions to this proposition lol :D

UPDATE: ok this is good, i wrote this to start a debate like this and the feedback is mixed, i was testing the waters to see what people thought about change and how people would react. Dont worry there arent any plans to scrap main world and nor would i like to see it go as there are many, many great structures that would be lost if that were to happen. Thanks for writing on this post, its been interesting.