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Hey guys, surf here. I've been testing the Multiverse plugin in order to expand our options for dealing with Noobs and updates.

Here's my theory: After dealing with deciding how to handle the last big update, we had so much deabte about "keep this map" or "make a new map" that I want to be able to compromise on both. We could keep our world as "main map" and then make a new map called something like "update map" which you know not to build in, but gets completely reset each update. Going into it, you know not to set up a permanent shop. Either that, or we make a "1.8" map, then a "1.9" map, etc., knowing that we technically don't have a space limitation on our host. Additionally, while noob spawn is neat and useful, I think it'd be easier to actually lock noobs onto another map that can be deleted/restored every so often.

Nothing is set in stone for sure, this is still just a test, but with 1.8 around the corner, I think we should keep our options open. One reason this isn't an obvious solution is because it's not yet unclean to ship between worlds. This plugin is broken into 3 pieces, Core (related to structuring the worlds and folders) and 2 Portal plugins. The Core plugin gives us commands to traverse/control the worlds...the Portal plugins allow you to make portals to jump between them. Neither is clean, to be honest. First, read this link about using portals: Multiverse Portals. Anything being a portal, wooden axes as select tools...ugliness.

There IS a built-in set of commands related to jumping worlds. We can assign different permission levels to TP yourself, or to tp others. Basically, you can enable people to tp themselves between worlds. The issues are, though, that you go to that world's default spawn. If you're in the main world, you can /spawn and go to your normal spawn. You only get 1 /home in the whole multiverse. But technically each world has a "true" spawn which is where you end up when you jump. In our main world...NoobSpawn is the "default" spawn, so that if bukkit died noobs wouldn't suddenly be at member spawn. If you jump from a world to our world, you're at noobspawn, then you can /home or /spawn like normal. I don't think this is terrible.

There's some issues with the way permissions inherits in new worlds...for example, there's global configs, and per-world configs, and you have to reset the server for global configs to cascade down.

Here's a bunch of links about this plugin and how it works:

I'd love some feedback on how people would think this will work. Either way, 1.8 is coming. As always, don't update your client without backing it up first, as we won't update the server until bukkit is ready to go. With an update like this, that could be a week. I think by the time we're ready to update the server to 1.8, we'll know if Multiverse is a viable solution to all this. SURF OUT!

/give fail

Ok, going through the logs, I've seen plenty of people unsuccessfully trying to item things to themselves, but this one was particularly good:

2011-06-01 13:52:46 [INFO] fireball1379: give fireball1379 64 diamond
2011-06-01 13:52:52 [INFO] williamhcarlton: lmao
2011-06-01 13:52:55 [INFO] williamhcarlton: nice try fire
2011-06-01 13:53:07 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] fireball1379: /give fireball1379 64 diamond
2011-06-01 13:53:07 [WARNING] fireball1379 was denied access to command.
2011-06-01 13:53:26 [INFO] williamhcarlton: at least it wasn't "give fireball1379 64 TNT"
2011-06-01 13:53:32 [INFO] fireball1379 lost connection: disconnect.quitting

New Command and Group Structure

Greetings patient pups!

We're working on a new structure of groups and command permissions. There will be 5 groups:

  • Owners: The people with backed access
  • Admins: In-game moderators
  • Members: The peanut gallery
  • Noobs: New members, limited permissions, the default group
  • Retards: People on punishment who can't change the world in any way.

Each group has fewer permissions than the group above it. We're finalizing the permissions structure, and you can view what we're proposing here: Permissions Spreadsheet. Hopefully all this will get rolled out in the next day or 2.