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Lol Burst.net sucks…

Burst.NET sent me a paper letter saying they were gonna send a collections agent after me for an unpaid invoice. Lol. We cancelled that service...they acknowledge that. Problem is...the invoice is for $0.00, and paypal (or any other payment options) won't let you send money of 0. So I submitted a ticket for them to not only call their dogs off but to make sure they go into a nasty public bathroom and give themselves a swirly...but I wanted to attach a screencap of this invoice. Idiots.

Be On The Lookout for Some News!

So why have we been so quiet the last few days? Well, cncr04s, sbrough10 and I have been setting up a new server host on a VPS. Cncr04s has the most experience working with a vps, and has really taken the lion's share of getting this all set up. We have it running, and it seems to be ok, but we're squashing one last bug before we switch over to it. (For the technical people...java is allocating 2x as much ram as it should, so we can't use the vps' full potential. We have 2.5GB...we can't go up past 1.75G allocated to the server or it aborts)

When we finalize that, the server address will be mc.teh3l3m3nts.com which brings up another point...we have the .com again! Not sure if you noticed, but the .com and the .net both work now. Which is neato. When we switch over, we'll stop that server, upload the most current version of the map to the new host, and switch her on. I'll leave the server at my house on for a bit with a redirect message pointing people to the new host.

So be on the lookout! One more thing...we need to make an effort to ramp up website traffic, now that we're paying for hosting again (it's like $15 a month cheaper, but still). So do this...send me screenshots with captions and I'll post them here. Also, if you think something in the logs is funny enough to post...type #### which will be easy for me to search for (as opposed to combing 100,000 line logs like we used to.

Can I get a "What, What!" in the comments?!?!?!