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Upgrading to 1.2

UPDATE: We are live at 1.2! A few plugins are still not fixed, so we're waiting on those, here's the list:

Oh and update world is updated for 1.2, the previous world that was there is saved as another world.

On Tuesday we will be shutting the server off so that we can complete the upgrade to version 1.2. We have gotten most plugins we need to run, updated, so we are ready to rock! The upgrade process will take a while, the whole map needs to be converted. Also we will keep a backup of the 1.1 server files and map in the event there is some unforseen failure of the upgrade.

Dear teh3l3m3nts… Part deux

So here's what's going down. Since Bukkit is refusing to cooperate, I'm going to drop the mail system until after the recommended build is released. During this time, I'll be making archives of all the people who have used the server. This will make it easier on me to choose who's next in line for a letter. Sorry, Pirate, but no letter this week!

F*** Bukkit!

Goddamn it, why won't Bukkit update!?

F*** Bukkit!

Bukkit is Fixed!

Huzzah, Bukkit is updated! The newest versions of all the plugins are installed, so come on in and enjoy!

How Should We Handle Future Updates?

Man, 1.5 sure is awesome isn't it? Doesn't it suck that we're without commands though? There's several ways we have to handle updates, and now that bukkit has taken OVER a week to make a recommended build for 1.5, a conversation needs to be had.

First, a brief explanation. Bukkit edits and overwrites Minecraft's code, so a Minecraft update often means bukkit needs to be greatly re-written. They have 3 statuses for builds of bukkit: Failed, Stable, and Recommended. Here's the difference:

  • Failed: They made code changes, the program basically doesn't load
  • Stable: It works, and most plugins work, but it's not fully tested or there's a few bugs
  • Recommended: The build is thoroughly tested and has no bugs

For the most part, a stable build works well and doesn't have many errors, you just typically download the .jar file and put it in your minecraft directory, and it works. The problem is, our host uses a service called "MCMyAdmin" which ONLY allows automated install of recommended builds. This is usually a good solution for a host; it's easy to use and you're not putting potentially broken code running on your server (imagine if some untested code goes into an infinite loop and uses a ton of resources...badness). This is why we've been running without commands or anything since 1.5_02.

In theory, we can submit a ticket to the people at our server host and ask them to install a stable build. They should be willing to do that, however the issues are that the stable build can get updated every few hours when they're working on it, and the turnaround for getting it installed may be half a day or more. It begs the question how often do we want to have to update bukkit AND all our plugins. Also...these are essentially testing versions, they could cause errors to make the game unplayable OR potentially even corrupt the world.

The other option is to not upgrade to new versions of minecraft AT ALL until a new recommended bukkit is out. We keep the server at the current version, keep the current bukkit...and users would NOT be able to update their clients or they wouldn't be able to connect. There's tutorials out there how to keep 2 versions of the minecraft client on your computer, but it's a bit of a pain...at least we'd have the tools to stop griefers and such.

With that explanation in mind...what would you prefer?

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