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WTF is Going On With Our Host

Surf here, let's be honest, the server is EATING DICK with all the lag recently. I haven't been able to connect all weekend. I went into the backend to take a look at some stuff (Brief geek moment: this host used to parse out the log file once a week so it wasn't always writing to a huge file, but they suddenly stopped doing that in july, I thought that having a 45MB log file was lagging us, but we don't have permission to edit the file! I stopped the server to delete the file) and had to stop the server briefly...now it won't come back on.

I've submitted tickets to our host from my support account, and IMGArY has submitted tickets on the main server account as well, and we're not getting responses. I have all of our configs and copies of our map...if this goes on for much longer we'll consider all of our options.

UPDATE: It came back on, but is as slow as ever. Still waiting

UPDATE 2: On Tuesday night, team avo came on and were chat spamming, then gorg shut down the server to get control of the situation. Now, we can't get into the backend...on team avo's forum they're talking about hacking with mcmyadmin exploits. Tickets submitted.

UPDATE 3: We're back online for now, PLAY!

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