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Hey everyone! We've had a lot of people on the server lately, but not a lot of the people that post here on the website.

You all know that this website helps pay for the server, both in hits and encouraging DONATIONS! When there's no donations and ad revenue slows down...it comes all out of owners' pockets. HOW SAD FOR US :(

Actually, it's not THAT sad, since we enjoy playing too :) However, we always appreciate more help. We never demand donations, and they don't come TOO frequently, so more and more web traffic is critical in paying for shiz.

We need more people to help keep the website active. Post pictures, news about builds, news about minecraft in general, people to comb the logs for funny stuff, etc.

Let me know if you'd be interested in becoming a website author! Also, if you see any posts you like, retweet or post them to facebook!