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We upgraded to 1.6, update accordingly! Don't bitch that your commands don't work...bukkit isn't updated yet, we'll have it installed ASAP.

Here's the list of changes: Changes

MAJOR NEWS: We've been getting hit HARD with griefers already and don't have the tools to stop them without bukkit. We have a backup from right before the update, we plan on restoring that right after bukkit is updated. Until then, just go nuts dudes.


Man, the folks at bukkit have declared 1.6 UNPLAYABLE. Heavy map corruption, crazy cpu errors, just a whole disaster. As of right now, we can't even connect, even though the server IS running. Keep checking here for updates.


Servercraft had to fix something...our level.dat corrupted. Spawn may have moved now. Doesn't matter, we'll nuke the map and revert anyway after bukkit is fixed, but still. Expect to spawn somewhere else possibly. By the way, that means our banlist AND level.dat corrupted...remember folks, we ARE beta testing this app for Mojang.


Hey Nike, think the world is loading for me?


Level.dat is broken and corrupted again, no bringing the server back online until servercraft deletes that file again.