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Some Things for the Week

Sup homies! Now that we're all back from vacations and whatnot, time for getting down to some updates.

Yea, the temporary server is working ok for most people (sorry cncr) but it's not nearly a long term solution. For example...it's running on the system I keep backup PDF's of all my financial documents and such...so I can't give other owners access to it to do things, like, say, fix it when it breaks. Also, my residential internet sucks. We're looking into hosts...we found one I kinda like, I just asked them some ?s and hopefully they'll get back to me soon.

We figgered out the shiz with the .com domain name...should have it back within 5-6 days. The current message about that is at the bottom of the link...it's very boring and the links are removed, but it's proof it's in progress :)

Finally, this week we're gonna enable the 1.0 map for the 1.0 survival challenge. It's a new world where like we talked about, no bringing in resources from other worlds and we play to get to the ender dragon as a team. I want to make it after we move hosts to a permanent deal, but realistically, we just need to do it. My plan is to enable that map Friday evening, so anyone that wants in gets in this weekend to play. I actually think we keep resetting this world each time we beat the dragon, then leave update map as 1.0 map since some people (::cough cough:: kermit) built permanently in update world.

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Bukkit is OUT!

UPDATE: We've had some plugin crashiness, I try to respond as soon as possible, just assume it happens until all plugins are resolved. Sorry for how often it dies!

Bukkit is out, server is updated, join and play!

SOME NEWS: Skyland is kinda broke. Read here and you'll see that notch removed skylands code, so new chunks can't load, and the sky won't wrap around to the bottom (meaning perma-night until I fix it). Sorry, not our fault!

1.0 Map…A Thought

So I've been thinking. We voted to keep main world, clear and update "update map," and make a 1.0 map. I never understood the whole specific 1.0 thing...it's just a point rev of the game really. Do we need a permanent map there?

Then I got to thinking. I'm loving 1.0 single player...hunting for stuff like a noob. Why can't we bring that to multiplayer? It brought me to the idea of treating the 1.0 map as a protected environment to play the actual game as a group.

Here's some parameters I thought of for this experience:

  • Everyone works together towards a single goal; the map isn't just for going into and diggin. We have other maps for that.
  • No bringing resources, with the exception of tools or armor, into the world. If we need it...mine/grow it.
  • Admins/owners spawn no items in this world. Game becomes pointless otherwise.
  • No warps allowed. No setting homes either. We build a house at spawn...when you die you go back to your real world house and have to map switch back to spawn.
  • When we find the portal to the end...we plan to go in as a group. No renegades. Everyone that helped get there gets to help in the fight.

Basically, we go in as a group, set up a necessities-only shop, make as-needed teams (think "you three...we need a lot of wood" "you two, hunt for ender pearls" "can the four of you make a wheat farm and stock us up?") We could even have a planned out nether expedition (for a 1.0-specific nether)

What think you?

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Dear teh3l3m3nts… Part deux

So here's what's going down. Since Bukkit is refusing to cooperate, I'm going to drop the mail system until after the recommended build is released. During this time, I'll be making archives of all the people who have used the server. This will make it easier on me to choose who's next in line for a letter. Sorry, Pirate, but no letter this week!

F*** Bukkit!

Goddamn it, why won't Bukkit update!?

F*** Bukkit!