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Reeling from my bandwidth overload last week, I've been doing some behind the scenes maintenance. (Off topic, one of the projects I host was a digg-style suggestion engine for a university activities office, and they didn't actually go with the site I designed. I did a lot of work reworking an early version of Pligg to work with facebook connect and such, so I kept it running as part of my portfolio. I haven't looked at it in like 2 years...but the version of Pligg was outdated, got hacked, and was sending facebook spam, and using 6GB of bandwidth A DAY...I have 100 GB/month, I exceeded it, hence why we were down a few days. I've since removed that service. The more you know.)

I decided to create some subdomains for us:

I can add more if people have more ideas :D

    3 Responses to “SubDomains”

  1. Baseaball536 Says:

    How about a mobile version?

  2. Morate Says:

    Dood! You should totally set up an e-mail service for teh3l3m3nts.com, and you could give e-mail accounts to people who donate! Like surfrock66@teh3l3m3nts.com. That would be awesome. :D

  3. cncr04s Says:

    It can easly be done, up to surf

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