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Still No Bukkit Yet?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We just found a major bug in last-minute testing. Sorry guys, it'll definitely be tonight, but just a little while longer. WE HAVE A RECOMMENDED BUILD! Bukkit's server is being crushed, I'm trying to update right now, I'll send an e-mail when it's up. This is what the stupid screen looks like:

UPDATE: We're already on bukkit build 1160 :( Looks stable, but still no rec. Bugs to fix :/

The hell man! Still no bukkit for 1.0. I know at home I've upgraded to 1.0, so I have been playing single player, but I'm still keeping an eye on server stuff. All the info from the last 1.0 post is in the "read more" link at the bottom of this post.

Even if we're all on different versions and such, doesn't mean we can't hang out! How's guys 1.0 adventures goin? Anyone care to share? Share in the comments!

UPDATE: Surf here, still on vacation in Orlando, just checked on bukkit, still not updated. I'll be home late Saturday night, hopefully it'll be updated soon!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Minecraft 1.0!

Alpha and beta players will get the game for free of course.

We won't be updating the server to 1.0 until bukkit is out. Make sure to back up your 1.8.1 files (Windows and Linux) to play on the server until we update...you can switch back-and-forth between versions. Here's how to find the files that need to be backed up:

  • In Linux: ~/.minecraft
  • In Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/.minecraft
  • In Windows 7: C:/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • In OSX: Mac Version of 1.8.1--> /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Per the vote...main world will be unchanged, update world will be reset (as well as that shithole noob world), and 1.0 world will be created as a permanent world at the official game release state.

As always, we are at the mercy of Bukkit. Here's their development status (red dot = unstable build, blue dot = stable build, green star = recommended build...we're only allowed to install recommended builds). Here's Bukkit's 1.0 Discussion. Finally, we'll need to make sure all our plugins work...that may take some time because there's a lot and will be tons of changes. Just keep checking here :)

    29 Responses to “Still No Bukkit Yet?”

  1. surfrock66 Says:

    Surf’s 1.0 Experience:

    Started in a swamp next to a huge ocean. Mountains off to one side, desert across a section of the ocean. I collected a TON of lilly pads and made kind of a water bridge out to little islands, where my houses and farming are happening. No mobs out there.

    I have a forest behind me, so I have a wolf army. Like 9 of them. So they’re my endermen hunting squad. Also…in the desert is an actual surface skelly spawner…I’ve built a trap there to get bones…to get more wolves.

    The endermen are spawning like mad in my desert. I just hang out there with my wolves at night and stare at them 🙂

    I also have a mine going, but it’s small. I’ve got beds everywhere. Still haven’t explored much yet…just kind of leveling up right now.

  2. pirate06 Says:

    im still playing 1.8.1 on the server, call me old fashioned 😀

  3. Rtkermit Says:

    Join Cnc server it’s updated to 1.0

  4. cncr04s Says:

    come play on my server =D cncr04s-serv.it.cx or cnc-serv.it.cx
    its running the latest dev builds of bukkit and other plugins

  5. cncr04s Says:

    If you want, not trying to force you, just that you might encounter some people, unlike ssp.

  6. Leafett Says:

    I’m still on the server working on Castle Estel.

  7. tubbellebunk Says:

    im playing on legendarycraft and cncr’s server
    not that eighter one of them is bad
    but i just realy look forward to play on teh3l3m3nts again! 🙂
    see you soon guy’s

  8. zaftig_gal Says:

    I also wish I could be playing on teh3l3m3nts!
    Currently on Briskets and my home server, have quite the swank pad. 😀 Although grr-face, I was up to lvl 17, then died and went back to 1! That seems like b.s.!

  9. surfrock66 Says:

    Currently build 1550 is holding…it could be promoted tomorrow? I am keeping on top of it as much as I can :/

  10. LightningMan00 Says:

    I’m mainly on legendarycraft more than anything, but i do a few single player worlds

  11. sbrough10 Says:

    When bukkit does update, though, and we do update the Updates_world, we need to use the seed Nether

    It’s awesome, at the spawn location there is a town, a dessert, a swamp, a forest, and not to far off there’s a bunch of mountains. Also, a lot of it is really flat so it’s easy to create towns and shite. We need to use that seed.

  12. Leafett Says:

    Dining areas, Library, bottom floor laying, 3rd floor apartments, and stairs for the 4 towers the 3 floors are done. In the direct center will be a floating tower for enchanting and such when server is updated. Some of the bridges from the towers have been started as well.

  13. surfrock66 Says:



    //OK I’M BACK

  14. petrispier Says:

    How much time does bukkit need?

  15. surfrock66 Says:

    That’s the big question…they’re working but not giving out any news. New dev builds keep being released.

  16. Premium Says:

    life pretty sucks without the 3l3m3nts

    legendary craft is fun to but its get down al te time and there are 2 many dam players

    personaly i dont think bukkit wil never update anymore 🙁


  17. surfrock66 Says:

    Just throwing it out there…1.8’s files are posted in the post above…you could backup your 1.0 game and re-install 1.8 and play until it’s updated 🙂 I switch back and forth.

  18. surfrock66 Says:

    If you all are interested…this is Bukkit’s bug tracker, so you can track # of issues vs. number resolved:


    It looks like it’s getting WORSE

  19. surfrock66 Says:


  20. sbrough10 Says:

    Do we have any options for other command plugins? I don’t know how this stuff works but, if we could switch to something like bukkit but currently functional, what would be the pros and cons?

  21. surfrock66 Says:

    So, Bukkit sits between the game and the plugins. There isn’t a competing plugin engine I know of.

    Even then…if there was one, there wouldn’t be the same plugins…they plugins are made for bukkit, not for minecraft. Even if we had bukkit now, plugins rev. for Recommended Builds, for example, we wouldn’t be able to /i anything from 1.0 until essentials is updated to the 1.0 recommended build of bukkit.

  22. cncr04s Says:

    I have alot of plugins on my 1.0 bukkit dev builds, and they are working just fine, except some missing spawnmobs or whatever,and you can /i any thing that the game supports. and there are dev builds of essentials i thought. Most every thing is a dev build and works resonably fine, So if you have the ability to update, you should.

  23. surfrock66 Says:

    Our host only lets us use recommended builds >:(

    To be honest, if we were to be switching hosts, I’d just get a vps.  That being said, I don’t even want to do that right away…I’m moving to Sacramento in June and wife and I are gonna forego cable tv for business class internet. I have a blade server in my house right now, but my bandwidth can’t handle a server like this…that internet will be able to.  If we can hold out til then, I’d prefer to just do that :/

  24. sbrough10 Says:

    I guess, the main plugins that we N-E-E-D need are multiverse and some form of chest lock, whether it be lockchest or lockette, which ever functions. I feel like if those were up and running fine and we could keep the noobs and griefers from tearing shit up and stealing, we could probably make it without much else for a while. Still, I could be wrong, this is just my opinion.

  25. surfrock66 Says:

    I agree sb.  I heard multiverse has issues right now, but that could be wrong.

    But still…servercraft=recommended buklds only

  26. zaftig_gal Says:

    is bukkit the thing that enables teleporting to multiple /homes?

    Cuz dang, I want that for the Briskets server… I’ve gotten seriously lost in massive cave systems before and he’s had to teleport me out from a weird cheat mode thingy. /home is so much easier. 😀

  27. surfrock66 Says:

    Yup..anything more than what you have in single player is bukkit.

  28. Morate Says:


  29. Leafett Says:

    Bukkit will change the way endermen act in main_world to match how they act in version 1.0 right?

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