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!!!Spawn Project!!!

Hey everyone its Rtkermit, i was talking to Porjos and he decided since he was to busy and his wifi is whack that he is going to hand of the spawn project to me. Thank you Porjos! Below is the progress of each of the spawn projects.

So this is the offical announcement, If you own a lot in spawn go right ahead and start building. I want to remind you everyone will see these so please plan out this project.

Also i ask anyone who owns a lot please put your name and lot # in the comments i want to have an organize list of occupied and vacant lots.

Another thing before you start building there is one requirement you must tell me in game or e-mail knicks303@aol.com and i want to know your name,lot #, and what you are building.


Lot #1- is city property as of now, but you can make a bid on it

Lot#2- City property, future subway station

Lot#3- Bustacapps, future barracks (Completed) picture below

lot #4-  xHoboninjax, Future library (Completed) picture below

Lot #5- wilsonfam, future boathouse (Completed) picture below

Lot #6- freddiekclarke (Landon), future dirt shack

Lot #7- Surfrock66, Theater (Completed)

Lot #8- Porjos, future unknown

Lot #9- sbrough10, future train-station (Completed) picture below

Lot #10-Williamhcarlton, future unknown

Lot #11-rtkermit,  future stadium

Lot #12-Nikewarrior, future stadium

Lot #13- City property, future unknown

Lot #14- Surfrock66, Nether station (Completed)

Lot #15- Pirate06 (honeydew), future pub

Lot #16- Vacant lot, please contact me if interested

    11 Responses to “!!!Spawn Project!!!”

  1. wilsonfam Says:

    you know i have to say it even tho non of you will get it but “DAT PLOT”

  2. porjos Says:

    Taking care of business Pat! WHOOO!

  3. pirate06 Says:

    ill have plot 14

  4. Nike Says:

    Hmmm, pat u got everyone to work together, pretty quick too. Look at you.
    And wilson, “Dat Ass”

  5. Zeeco Says:

    …and I were accused of burning the boat in wilson’s boat house. I didn’t ! Can’t believe you banned me without questioning me if I actually did it.. :( !!

  6. Kirbyf Says:

    wait what about my asylum isnt that one ?

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    E-mail me a screenshot :D

  8. tubbellebunk Says:

    hi kermit
    uhm we talked a litle about a lot at the spawn.
    only i got interrupted wen u wanned to show me a lot
    please come online soon because i build an example of what i wanned to build at the spawn.

    greets Premium.

  9. Rtkermit Says:

    Sorry I haven’t had power for days when I get it back I will get all of this straighten out

  10. vicwiz007 Says:

    test… testing

  11. vicwiz007 Says:

    u can delete this comment and the one above i was just seeing if i could figure out how ot leave a comment :D

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