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Seven Wonders of the server!

hi guys its pirate here,

i want to make a list in spawn showing co-ordinates for the 7 most outstanding creations on the server

so if you feel like something you have built should be on this list send some screenshots (at least one shot with co-ords)

to rhys.george@live.co.uk

me and surf will look over these and we will make a list shortly. Thanks guys

    9 Responses to “Seven Wonders of the server!”

  1. Kirbyf Says:

    New gullonia castle of course.
    possibly cheat arena thats pretty big.
    leafetts castle but atm its in progress.
    skyville is the only other maybe i can think and thats only because its pretty big.

  2. rtkermit Says:

    me and nike’s wall its well over a few million cobble, it could be called great wall of nikefrog land :D

  3. gorg Says:

    The castle in Cappsylvania.

  4. Morate Says:

    I’m going to be working on a giant rhino statue soon. I’ll get back to you guys on that. (It might take a while to finish.)

  5. Nike Says:

    over 1000 buckets of lava
    over 1000 torches
    cobble is just an insane amount i really have no idea prob in the high 100’s of thousands

  6. Morate Says:

    Wait, did I say rhino? I meant Statue of Liberty. I get those two confused a lot. Oh well, the Statue of Liberty will take forever so maybe I’ll do a colorful rhino first.

  7. cncr04s Says:

    I vote my industrial city, it’s pretty big, and a ton of work went into it.

  8. Selsius35 Says:

    wilson mad a pretty sweet ATAT in the south i think. I dont know the cords but he does. Unfortunately his computer got fried and he is currently broke so….

  9. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Maybe i’m bias because I am a senior citizen in this game :( but i think we should stick to the old creations. that would be: Cappsylvania castle, surfrock castle in New Gullonia, surfrock farm fields in Old Gullonia, Orient, and IMGArY’s tower (based on that book I can’t remember). I believe those must be part of the 7 and then for the optionals: kermit and nike wall, teh3l3m3nts sign, ATAT, underwater city, Cappsylvania arena.

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