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Servercraft down

UPDATE: Server is back up, all is well!  -surf

Hey guys,

Well, there was some bad lag, so I forced a reboot.  Right after, lost connection to the admin backend.  Now servercraft's entire site is down.  So, hopefully its just a hiccup or machine reboot or something.  Ill keep any eye on it when i can tonite.  Got an email out to other owners, so I'm sure others will be checking on it as well.  Also, I did get a ticket about it in to servercraft.  The files appear ot be accessible, so the server is running, but mcmyadmin is inaccessible, so that and oter services just probably need to be restarted (which if theyd friggin allow us ssh or rdp access we could do ourselves :/)

    5 Responses to “Servercraft down”

  1. Shuggadugga Says:

    Way to ruin my night! Just as I finally got motivated to start work on my house. :P

    Cant wait for the server to be back up. I’ll be checking it regularly.

  2. cnc Says:

    Server is back up!

  3. BustaCapps Says:

    there are still some serious lag issues going on for everyone…..

  4. cbc Says:

    9:00 PM and I still can’t access my McMyAdmin…

  5. Vesrick Says:

    Wow its still not up:(

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