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Server Updated to 1.8

I have finally updated the server to 1.8, its the 1.8.1 pre2 release. I hope that doesn't cause issues with the current 1.8 version, let me know if it does.
Well beside that, we are now on vanilla minecraft. That comes with potential issues, no locked storage, grief stuff. If any one has any ideas to limit greifing potential, let me know.
I went with a random generated map, so it is how it is; spawn seems to be in a mountainous area, with some plains. This will present interesting building choices.
You are free to build in spawn, provided its not your main house. Be respectful of others work.

I see that some one has already added a few things to spawn, that's great! Add more!
I hope that more people come back, it was nice bout of activity we had this year.

    5 Responses to “Server Updated to 1.8”

  1. velvet_winter Says:

    will get onto adding more boss

  2. IMGArY Says:

    I’ll definitely be around a lot again now that it’s back to vanilla. That and the clogged up worlds are why I initially lost interest in the first place… I wish cnc would get on so I could get opped though lol.

  3. KingOfThePond Says:

    Dang, Petri and I just got into another game… gotta balance the time, I really want to play :)

  4. BoukeBrink Says:

    i really want to have one spot in the spawnchunks to build some useful stuff…

  5. yosheeharper Says:

    FYI Bukkit or spigot 1.8 is out if you want to change to that. I will be more than happy to provide you with the files, due to the fact that on the spigot website (Which now owns bukkit) its extreamly hard to get. Download stuff, extract, install new program because it not the right file type, ect. Email me if your intrested!

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