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Server Underground trainsystem.

Hi Guys/Gals of Teh3l3m3nts!

BoukeBrink here.

Together with Oktarinii(thaum) i've started a HUGE project. Wonder what it is? Well I'll tell you! We are building a Worldwide trainsystem! If you have a nice village you use or a nice/awesome(can be both) build just comment on this post with the XYZ coordinates and I will come take a look. The system will be made with 4 main parts: The spawn station made by cncr4s(he moved on), Trainhubs which combine multiple tracks, Stations which will be built in/or near each build(example: the Lonely Islands)

What I'm asking you is:

1. do you have cool/awesome build?

2. do you want it connected with the system?

Greetz BoukeBrink

PS. if you see bad grammar just ignore it. English isn't my native language