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Hey everyone. The server kind of chugged along in my server rack for years and I didn't touch it. Carian and Cnc had it up with mcmyadmin for a while, then it had a hard drive failure, then it kind of powered off for a while and I didn't notice...bad on me.

BUT. Then something crazy happened. My kid, Lucas, turned 5, and I got super sick and was hospitalized and took 3 weeks off of work, and we just accidentally discovered Minecraft. Now he's obsessed, we're playing a single player game, then he'll probably join the big server. Because of this, we needed to make sure the server was revived, and I rebuilt it. New MORE POWERFUL hardware, new OS, using Spigot...just in general refreshed. I was able to revive most worlds, though it looks like we lost some time since the last backup I have due to the hard drive failure :(

Still, it's all back up. The worlds have been renamed based on the generation they existed (so, the oldest world is 1-world, then 2-world, then 3-world, etc). The current world has no number. The backups are re-posted here on the website in the sidebar, and this time backups go offsite so it should be more secure. We've rebuilt things with newer versions of plugins but there's still some tweaks to make. All user ranks were reset, so they need to be re-done as people join.

Once the kid and I beat the ender dragon, we'll be playing too. Until then I'll pop in and out (like when he's a punk and loses Minecraft for a few days :P ).

    5 Responses to “Server is REVIVED AND UP!”

  1. Zeeco Says:


    I occasionaly check the website for nostalgic reasons, and was glad to see it brought back. Could you make me a member so I can travel between worlds? Would like to visit some historical sites :)

  2. laika Says:

    hey! still popping into this server every so often. glad it’s still around in some way.

  3. Laika Says:

    Been getting into the server for the last few days! Massively nostalgic for it.
    Also created a discord for anybody who wants to join (whenever I am able to have this posted, that is).
    My IGN is thepizzawizard, formerly shelbie8. Hope to see you guys there.

    Discord Server: https://discord.gg/smuwNPm

  4. William Carlton Says:

    Me and the kids are back for a some smp :)

  5. cncr04s Says:

    Surfrock66 Recently upgraded the server to the latest version of minecraft.
    See you there!

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