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SB’s contest admin signup

UPDATE: The contest has started. If you haven't started building yet *cough* *cough* Pirate *cough*, then, when you come on, let an admin know and they'll /creative mode you and warp you to plot3.

edit: ok im just going to throw up a list and you say what hours you can help starting 10AM EST

11AM:surf 11PM:SB
12AM:surf 12PM:wilson
1PM:surf 1AM:wilson
2PM:surf 2AM:wilson
3PM:SB 3AM:wilson
4PM:SB 4AM:wilson
5PM: 5AM:wilson
6PM: 6AM:wilson
7PM: 7AM:surf
8PM: 8AM:surf

ok so if im reading what you guys said you can do this is what i looks like with people willing to fill in odd gaps.

okay so with how this contest is planning on running 24 hours and the need of an admin to be there the whole time, this post is for admins to sign up to help run it.
as of me writing this the contest time is
4:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM EST on Saturday - 4:00 PM GMT / 10:00 AM EST on Sunday
so if you can post when or if you can help, or times you where planning to be on anyway, it would help alot.

    7 Responses to “SB’s contest admin signup”

  1. EpicBlob Says:

    I sure won’t be able to be on the whole time, but I’m willing on pulling an all nighter for the later hours.

  2. sbrough10 Says:

    Consider me signed up from
    4PM/10AM – 5PM/11AM
    9PM/3PM – 4AM/10PM
    3PM/9AM – 4PM/10AM

    Although I may not be at the keyboard for the ENTIRE time so extra admin help would be graciously accepted. Also, thanks for putting this together, wilson.

  3. surfrock66 Says:


    I should be around some. I can pop in/out as needed…my job this saturday, while wife works 7AM-7PM, is to move things into the attic, patch walls, and paint. I can prolly AT LEAST keep the back end logged in for a lot of it. Gimme a gap to fill in while she’s working, so 7A-7P sat or sunday.

  4. pirate06 Says:

    wont be on now till 12 (midday) gmt, so i lose 2 hours but i dont mind that :D looking forward to it, i have a good idea as to what ill build and it will be HUGE :D

  5. sbrough10 Says:

    I had to remove some of my times of administarting. My weekends gotten on shifted and my desktop won’t update to 1.1 so it’s harder for me to get online. Still, I’ll try to help as often as I can.

  6. Merijnwouda Says:

    Why is there nobody on right now? I need to go into creative mode everytime i log in and now i can’t build.

  7. pirate06 Says:

    yeah same problem here :D where is everyone lol i wanna build :p

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