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I'm gonna make the quickest announcement i can, and for me that's a limit of one to two paragraphs.

To summarize first off, DON'T DESTROY MAH SHITE!

You know that train station I've been building at spawn for the last 3 weeks and saying things in chat like "god, this minecart station is gonna be awesome" and "this redstone circuitry is so difficult, I hope it doesn't get griefed"? Well, guess what, apparently I didn't have someone's permission who I could never find online so I was evicted and my building was demolished without any notice.

I get that you guys didn't know whose it was but COME ON!!!!! Willful ignorance is not ignorance at all, and just assuming that the building belonged to a noob and, thus, destroying it, is willful ignorance or some kind of mental handicapp otherwise.

Also, if you have a "master plan" for spawn, share with everything before we get into day 9000+ of spawn reformation, it's kind of an important detail.

And this is not the first time this has happened to me, either. He who will not be name--EPICBLOB--d "assumed" that my little underwater bridge project belonged to shadowofdeath so he just poked a shitload of holes in it.

I'll try and post when I make something around other people's structures but SERIOUSLY, it doesn't matter whose house, building, or orphanage it is, FUCKING CHECK!!


A message from the "Dammit I'm mad" foundation


PS this is what this part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R didn't exist

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  1. Rtkermit Says:

    1.) steve the thing was hideous, better off gone (think others will agree )
    2.) you know you always have to put a sign saying that this is x player’s project
    3.) you don’t even play and I have seen it, you didn’t do much work on it so stop complaining
    4.) I am ahead of the spawn project now and I will gladly assist you in rebuilding your ugly train-station but Do not do it without asking me or I will take it done

  2. surfrock66 Says:

    :( My bad…I authorized the destruction…it was part of a grief rebuild

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