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R.I.P. Goldstar

Let's recount the events of the last few weeks:

  1. Goldstar started trolling a bit
  2. Goldstar started using lightning to kill people by surprise
  3. I de-opped him several "this is your last chance" times.
  4. He started building penises in spawn against the spawn plan
  5. He banned me for telling him to stop picking up railroads

So I de-opped and de-adminned him, and as a result, he quit the server :(

I had to build a memorial for him...the only appropriate place to honor him was on the side of the SACRED surf mountain, facing germanville 1. I think it's an appropriate memorial, the picture is below.

    9 Responses to “R.I.P. Goldstar”

  1. sbrough10 Says:

    but let’s not remember Goldstar for what happened in the past few weeks, but for the joy he has given us for the last 8 months.

  2. Landon Flaniken Says:

    R.I.P MrGoldstar1 :'(.

  3. wilsonfam Says:

    WHY!? why did he have to give in to the dark side? its not right :'(

  4. porjos Says:

    Oh Goldstar,

    You have been one of the oldest members of this server. I remember the first weeks I met you…

    You were incredibly annoying and spaztastic, but something eventually clicked. Some may call it anonymous internet friendship, some may call it acceptance…I call it love. You will be sorely missed. I will also try to bang your mother if the opportunity arises.

    I love you Danny-boy…


  5. surfrock66 Says:

    He’s back on as a member…I de-adminned him but would be willing to bring him back if EVERY owner and admin signed off.

  6. pirate06 Says:

    i figured out why he went to the dark side. they tempted him with their moist delicious cookies god dammit!

  7. AUDR09 Says:

    Give in to your hatred and anger. Let go, and you too can know the power of the darkside.

  8. MrGoldstar Says:

    You all have small dicks EXCEPT me :P :D

  9. Zeeco Says:

    Why am I banned :(

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