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Prep For 1.8!

UPDATE #8: Bukkit is finally out! We're at 1.8.1, there's still some pretty bad bugs, but it's very playable, update an hop on!

UPDATE #7: No update, I'm just tired of having to go to the comments for this link.

UPDATE #6: Here's another update from bukkit's twitter, looks like no recommended build tonight but possibly tomorrow: The RB will not be tonight (erm, within the next 5 hours?), we'll see about how it looks tomorrow. #freecookiesforpatience

UPDATE #5: Here's something from bukkit's twitter: We're very sorry for the delay, there are some nasty bugs that are hard to reproduce and we're working as hard as we can

UPDATE #4: As of sunday night, no changes to bukkit. Just keep checking in, as soon as bukkit is up we'll update. -surf

UPDATE #3: Seems to be up now, keep on 1.7.3 and hop on :D -surf

UPDATE #2: Bukkit has completed their code, and are now compiling to release as a development build. That means they begin bug testing...you'll see quick iterations before they finally get to a stable build, which they'll promote to recommended, then we can install it. Also, know why you can't connect to our server? Because minecraft.net is flooded and the join server is timing out...our host confirmed it. Nothing we can do :/ Stay tuned! -surf

UPDATE #1: Looks like the minecraft auth server is down? Server is working, but no one can log in, I'm getting a "bad login" error. Nothing I can do that I know of. -surf

WHILE I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION! We could for sure use some cash to help our owners pay for all this, we want to keep the server free but your donations really help us out, there's a paypal donations link on the side. Anything you can donate (even like a buck or two) is appreciated! Also, we get ad revenue from this site, so checking in multiple times a day or commenting helps us out a TON! Thanks :D

So 1.8 is ALMOST OUT! Our plan is to NOT update our server to 1.8 until Bukkit is up to snuff. Especially for this update, Bukkit is an integral part of our plan for managing the server. We know that many of you want to play around in 1.8, but still connect to our server...to do that you need to backup you client's game files, and keep a 1.7.03 version (Windows and Linux) AND a 1.8 version that you can go back and forth between. Here's how to find the files that need to be backed up:

  • In Linux: ~/.minecraft
  • In Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/.minecraft
  • In Windows 7: C:/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • In OSX: Mac Version of 1.7_03 /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/minecraft

As always, here's where the Notch feature list and the Wiki feature and bug list. Also, for everyone asking when Bukkit will be updated, here's their status: Bukkit Dev Status (Look for the version with the green star) Also, follow them on twitter, as of this morning, they say "'Hours or days' is a good question but I still do not have an answer for you. I'm hoping for hours."

Lastly, make sure to check out the command list on the side and check out the "Multiverse" commands. Specifically, to jump between worlds, you use the command "/mv tp [worldname]". You will only be able to teleport yoruself, and you will go to the world's "default" spawn point, which in our main world will be Noob Spawn. Remember that, /spawn will still work to get you to member spawn.

    30 Responses to “Prep For 1.8!”

  1. pirate06 Says:

    i am commenting so that the server may get some free moneys :) YAY!

  2. Zeeco Says:


  3. pirate06 Says:

    1.8 has just been officialy released, remember to back up before downloading guys :)

  4. LightningMan00 Says:

    How do u back up?? I already downloaded the update though

  5. MrGoldstar Says:

    hello, its me the amazing and awesome gold! jsut wanted to say that its not bad login for me, it is end of stream! thats it
    (oh and pirate sucks!?)
    see ya

  6. MrGoldstar Says:

    @ lightning then it is too late

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    Unless you check in the post above for the backed up game files :D

    BTW…stupid Minecraft.net joinserver is down so we can’t connect.

  8. Kirbyf Says:

    surf does 1.8 require new video card cuz mine doesnt work with i tnow :/

  9. surfrock66 Says:

    no…requirements haven’t changed. Try another pc?

  10. EpicBlob Says:

    Just saying I won’t be on the server for a while, downloaded 1.8 right away without backing up. So worth it though :D

  11. Shuggadugga Says:

    I’m currently staying on 1.8. A few friends on my dorm floor are playing on a server that I set up the other day with some spare parts I found lying around. Whenever y’all update I’ll jump back on and play every once in a while!

  12. LightningMan00 Says:

    I did the same thing as blob and im stuck i really have know clue what to do so… i guess i will figure it out eventually

  13. rtkermit Says:

    surf can u try and get 1.7.3 from mike?

  14. surfrock66 Says:

    He’s playin tourist in NYC right now.

  15. Rtkermit Says:

    :( tht sucks for me when you think server will be up and running ?

  16. Rtkermit Says:

    1.8 I mean

  17. surfrock66 Says:

    As soon as this gets a green star: http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/

  18. vicwiz007 Says:

    how the hell can i go back to 1.7.3?

  19. vicwiz007 Says:

    when can you update it to 1.8?

  20. surfrock66 Says:

    I recommend everyone follow this thread:


  21. vicwiz007 Says:

    someone should reely check the logs for september 16 2011. about 6:10 that day. i think you will love what i wrote XD. nothing bad. JUST DO IT LOL :)

  22. Kirbyf Says:

    So when will the server be back up.

  23. surfrock66 Says:

    Server is up, just have to be on 1.7.3 until bukkit is ready

  24. Kirbyf Says:

    Alrighty then. How do i play 1.7 then

  25. surfrock66 Says:

    check the above post…I included the 1.7.3 files AND the place to extract them :D

  26. Selsius35 Says:

    So 1.8 is AMAZING! Unfortunately I downloaded it right away and can’t play on the server right now. I really like the Multiverse commands as now I have commands for Spawn AND NoobSpawn. I’ve wanted to go back there for a while now but never took the hike. This will be fun to play with.

  27. EpicBlob Says:

    Quick question for Surfrock: I think I read somewhere that the creative mode flying aspect would be able to be accessed for multiplayer. Will we be adding that ability?

  28. surfrock66 Says:

    I don’t fully understand it yet, but my assumption is it’s like a built in world-edit for ops. I dunno, that fucks up the power balance badly…maybe just in cases of griefing to be fixed we switch it on?

  29. cncr04s Says:

    It’s not just for ops, and it’s creative mode… like classic, except with all the new stuff added so far. and it’s per player, can be turned on/off at any time. it could be scripted to be turned on when you teleport to a particular world too

  30. Zeeco Says:

    Are you going to unban me sometime? I haven’t done anything wrong. I just want to be able to play on your server.

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