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Potential Server Downtime…

Fun stuff. We're having rain storms...causing power outages greater than the UPS's can handle. Meaning real power-down downtimes.

The kicker? I'm out of town on vacation in Delaware, so I can't power them back up :(

Mike is watching my dog while we're gone, meaning he pops over every day or so...he'll switch it back on sometime tomorrow (the 7th). I'll try to hack a wake-on-lan packet in the meantime. Sowwie :(

UPDATE: FIXED! All glory to Mike, Imma start buying more batteries to make the UPS last longer.

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  1. Sheogorath Says:

    Sooooo… why is no one on any more?
    I saw Velvet on the other day but literally no one lives on this server anymore…
    It’s getting REALLY boring…
    I admit to any creeper holes that are suspiciously made as i shuffle through empty houses looking for signs of life… my god it’s like “I Am Legend”

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