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Plugin Updates!

Brief Update: Multiverse works, Lockette should work, the new rTriggers should work, and I'm just fixing the MySQL connection for the new LogBlock plugin. Also, Essentials is throwing mad errors, even though it seems to work in-game, but an update will be pending, fo shizzle.

    4 Responses to “Plugin Updates!”

  1. KingOfTheFrikkinPond Says:

    While lockette was down my spawn shop was raided. Every single valuable in my valuables chest (around 26 diamond blocks, 18 blocks of emeralds, and SHIZLOADS more) was taken, and a bunch of other chests were raided for anything valuable. I don’t have a single thing to make tools with in spawn other than wood and cobble.

  2. surfrock66 Says:

    Booooo :( E-mail me when you’ll be on tonite, I’ll pop in and restore what you lost.

    Stupid lockette!

  3. KingOfTheFrikkinPond Says:

    I can be on pretty much all day today until 10:30 pm, but I can sneak on later if needed. Mike restored a bunch for me already, but if you could figure out how much exactly was lost that’d be really nice since I couldn’t remember the amount of iron, gold, and lapis i had (and that is a psychotic amount for me XD)

  4. MrGoldstar1 Says:

    suuurf do you have steam for linux now?

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