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Digging out a MEGA PERIMETER in the 1.17 area

After we established base camp in new 1.17 chunks, we sent out a tunnel bore to get deepslate. The tunnel bore hit a mineshaft with about 9 cave spider spawners and a zombie spawner. We also found 5 geodes in close proximity, so we started building farms. The problem is, the entire area is under an ocean, and the buildup of mobs under the water caused severe lag.

We decided to build a perimeter, but because farms had already been built, world eaters or raining tnt wasn't an option. We were going to work mostly by hand.

New Feature: Connect from Bedrock Clients using Geyser!

Thanks to the spigot plugin Geyser, we are pleased to announce that our server now supports Bedrock clients!  Thanks to The_Banana_Bunch for bringing this up...as his computer died and all his remaining options are Bedrock clients lol.

To use this, Bedrock players will still need a Java Minecraft account.  From the bedrock client, players will simply add our server, mc.teh3l3m3nts.com, using the default Bedrock port 19132.

If you are connecting from a console (Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch) you can still connect, but the instructions are more complex.  Geyser provides their own instructions here; they require using the BedrockConnect DNS servers and we recommend the official BedrockConnect DNS IP here:

Once the bedrock client finds our server and tries to connect, it will prompt you for your Java account login credentials, whether that be a Mojang account or a Microsoft account.  Enter those, and you should be in as your java player with all your inventory, positioning, and permissions preserved.

New Datapack: Stillagers

I created a datapack which helps with villager lag in trading halls.

If you name tag a villager with "Stillager" or "stillager" they will stop moving and path finding altogether. This is done by setting the "NoAI" tag of the villager to 1. This typically eliminates restocks, so I have a function to manually restock all trades at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM. This is mostly consistent with vanilla behavior, villagers restock twice a day at slightly random times, but their 4 phases of the day (work, gather, wander, and sleep) can be divided into 4 segments which is the logic behind the restock times.

If you want to disable this, you tag the villager with "Moveager" or "moveager" and the name disappears and their AI is restored.

This is particularly useful for trading halls where villagers are locked in 1x1 spaces. In my test world where I have a trading hall with ~150 villagers, it took the tps from 15 to 20. This has tremendous lag reduction impacts without the headache of doing double-carpet tricks, and is completely optional so villagers in mob farms or those that are naturally spawned are completely unaffected; this is opt-in.

It can be downloaded here:

More information can be seen here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/stillagers/

Special thanks to the VanillaTweaks team; this was made using their "SilenceMe" and "Track Raw Statistics" datapacks as templates.

This is my first datapack, so feedback is welcome.

Starting the 1.17 Shulker Farm

Now that 1.17 has dropped, it was time to start the Shulker Shell farm we built!

Our adventure to new 1.17 Base Camp!

We were finally able to upgrade to 1.17!  Here's some raw streams of our expedition to new chunks!