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IT'S FINALLY COMING! THE SERVER IS SCHEDULED TO BE DELIVERED TODAY! This will be an ongoing chronicle, full of pictures and such, showing what we're doing to ready this thing for production. It will not be a quick process.

To start...here's a video of my prep for getting the server ready to go before it arrives:

Ok, so here's the box, it's here!

Huzzah! So, here's some pictures of the device, with the cover on and off.

You can see the 4 sticks of 1GB ram (for 4GB total, we can go higher but that's good for now, also there's 2 empty slots), plus the 2 2.8 dual-core Xenons, plus the existing 80GB SATA HDD (which I'm taking out) and all the fans. The fans rattle in this model, so I add some foam, which you'll see later. Now, I'm gonna install the 64GB SSD and our 1.5GB HDD.

Boom, it's all in! Wanna see what it sounds like?

And where is it gonna go? Here, in the bottom slot of my rack mount!

Here's the OS loading, with the networking goin, getting updates from the repositories:

And with that configured, ssh is on and working, so it's time to put this baby back into it's rack:

And FINALLY I have a root login over ssh from my other machine. BOOM BABY WE ARE IN BUSINESS!

    6 Responses to “Owner’s Corner: THE NEW SERVER! CONTINUALLY UPDATED POST!”

  1. iKips Says:

    WOOOOOOT. STABLE SERVER!!!*gets on triangle party hat with pompom on top*

  2. MadBrains Says:

    Hells yeah! New server!

  3. Zikel Says:

    Don’t forget to flip the power switch when you are mad that it won’t turn on!

  4. KingOfThePond Says:
  5. Kat Says:

    Mmm you make me so proud, mentioning linux like that 8) it’s a Finnish invention you know..

  6. surfrock66 Says:

    I love linus :D

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