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Ok so heres a proposition…

so ive been thinking lately about how things are on the server and today whilst talking with wilson i had an idea, so here it is:

-scrap quest world

-scrap skyworld

-scrap update world

- keep nether, end (obviously lol)

-create new main world (with current main world being phased out over say a 3 month period)

-create new creative world (flatlands world type with creative, only open to 'trusted' member of say 4 months +)

-eventually scrap current main world

now this would mean only 3 worlds would remain, noob, new main and creative (excluding nether and end)

which is a lot less than the current 5. i thought that scrapping these worlds made sense as i have been tracking which worlds players are using and for over 90% of the time only main world was being used. This means by reducing or world sizes it would mean a cheaper server to run (unless we get a ton of new people) CORRECTION: the price wouldnt be affected by these changes, thanks cnc for letting me know.

tell me what you think in the comments below, i have a good idea in my head about the reactions to this proposition lol :D

UPDATE: ok this is good, i wrote this to start a debate like this and the feedback is mixed, i was testing the waters to see what people thought about change and how people would react. Dont worry there arent any plans to scrap main world and nor would i like to see it go as there are many, many great structures that would be lost if that were to happen. Thanks for writing on this post, its been interesting.

    13 Responses to “Ok so heres a proposition…”

  1. ThatGuy2780 Says:

    Agreed %100! Even though there was a lot of work into this, I feel that we should start from scratch. It gives players a reason to play on the server more and longer. Plus better biomes. :D All for it! Maybe this’ll also reduce lag… for a while.

  2. Potpourri Says:

    I think we should definitely do this, but wait until 1.2 so we can have the new jungle biomes. Other than that, excellent idea!

  3. cncr04s Says:

    reducing the world size or the number of them doesnt have that big of an impact on reducing the price of a server, or the lag. maps take mostly alot of disk space. and that is cheap.

  4. poetzy Says:

    i also think we should if we do this we need to make a big event out of it. nothing like watching 20 people trying to get the only tree within 300 blocks.

  5. Premium Says:

    skyworld? sure no probz

    please dont :'(

  6. surfrock66 Says:

    Vote against :( We could MOVE main world to another map and put a blank in place of default/main…but one of the founding principles of this was that people’s builds wouldn’t be scrapped. I could see disabling some of the other ones (but leave them accessible for download here), so ppl can preserve their work :D ) but main world has to stay in some capacity, I’ve always considered that a promise to all members :/

  7. Merijnwouda Says:

    SURF come online you have to update the server

  8. Augustus Says:

    i agree with surf also i would litraly cry my heart out if you would delete it
    just make a new main map and move the main map to another map

  9. taba357 Says:

    I cant say which i want. starting over would be a bummer but it has its merits. I believe i wouldn’t mind much starting over.

  10. sbrough10 Says:

    it would be fine with me, as long as all worlds were available for download somewhere on the website

  11. cncr04s Says:

    And yea I’m against getting rid of main world. we could have it be a legacy map and have a new main though.

  12. Morate Says:

    I’m all for it. I feel as if Main World has gotten too easy and there’s not much left to do. It is a good idea to keep downloads available on the website for anyone who wants, but I’d also like to wipe everything clean, including the Nether.

  13. 0ld_Sp1ce Says:

    I like the idea of getting rid of any worlds except the Nether, end and main world. I think that you should just move the main world and make a new main world. So many people have spent so much time in mainworld and we dont want to lose our creations but it would be nice to have a new world there. I also agree that we should make a big deal about it and we could have sort of like a hunger games launch in that we all gather around a ton of supplies and someone says go and we all fight for the supplies!

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