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NewGullonia Dig COMPLETED

The dig is complete...here's a layer by layer snapshot of the map, from above. I like how it shows the double-helix-intertwined-cart system, which leads to the Y=6 Railroad.

    6 Responses to “NewGullonia Dig COMPLETED”

  1. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Da fuck? The whole become gray with random spots of red confuses me but up until that part, very cool ;)

  2. poetzy Says:

    now that’s a cool gif man

  3. surfrock66 Says:

    It’s a layer by layer snapshot from the top down :D

  4. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Is it from end to beginning?

  5. surfrock66 Says:

    It starts at Y=123, and goes Y=122, Y=121, etc until Y=4. Think of this as looking down at it, slice by slice

  6. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Ah whatever, looks cool and that’s all that matters.

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