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New Command and Group Structure

Greetings patient pups!

We're working on a new structure of groups and command permissions. There will be 5 groups:

  • Owners: The people with backed access
  • Admins: In-game moderators
  • Members: The peanut gallery
  • Noobs: New members, limited permissions, the default group
  • Retards: People on punishment who can't change the world in any way.

Each group has fewer permissions than the group above it. We're finalizing the permissions structure, and you can view what we're proposing here: Permissions Spreadsheet. Hopefully all this will get rolled out in the next day or 2.

    2 Responses to “New Command and Group Structure”

  1. Chris Says:

    woot! surf when will the server be ready? and I want the power to spawn a big tree in front of me

  2. Collin Penniman Says:

    Awesome informations once again!! Go on with posts like this one!:)

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