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New Admins!

Hey Everyone!

Strange_turkey has been promoted, how about some congrats!!!!!!!

Yes, there has been a recent uproar because of it.  Anyone that would like to discuss this, please contact me instead of spamming chat in game or in IRC.  Also, leave cnc alone about it. I initiated the promotion, not him.  Yes, I got my opinion from others I trust because I haven't been around to make such a judgement, and even if I had been I wouldn't have made a decision like that alone anyway.  So, again, you want clarification, or to get anything off your chest, get at me. easiest through skype (natel.arvixe), email (nathan.lowell@arvixe.com most frequently check, but minecraftpisspants@gmail.com will work well too, just make sure it's specified that it's for me).  Plain and simple, attitude, mindset, and skills factor in equally ALONGSIDE time spent on the server.  And ask any owner... theres always people pissed off when someone gets promoted... always.


All that aside,

There will be one more person promoted to admin.  Once we are on the new server, and have started listing more again, there will probably be one more promotion to start with, then more as/if needed. So don't go thinking someone shit in your toybox just yet.  We have been discussing this and have not thought beyond the next promotion at this time.  Once all applicable parties (you know who you are lol) have gotten their votes into the mix, it will be done and announced.

Quick sidenote: I want to thank everyone for the awesomely warm welcome back :D




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