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My Trek In The End

So I got to the end and beat the dragon...easily. Lemme show you how I did it.

First, as you see below, I had a bedroom safehouse set up in the room with the end portal. I needed to be able to respawn here.

The strategy I used in the end was one to minimize losing items, and to not get knocked off blocks. I spawned on a platform just off the main continent, so I used obsidian to extend it. Then I made a small tunnel. This tunnel pathed off to each obsidian tower with a ender crystal on it.

These tunnels are great. Even though the boss can phase through blocks and kill you...you don't go flying and your stuff doesn't despawn. I did the whole end with an iron pick (since I thought I'd lose it...I didn't) and a diamond pick with efficiency enchanted on it.

I would burrow to the obsidian pillars, drop off the picks down there, then rush to make a tower out of whatever I had...you can see the towers in the next shot on the background pillars. I would then blow up the ender crystal.

Once I did all these, I made my way back to a central pillar and made a spiral staircase up the middle of it. He swooped in and killed me OFTEN, but I never lost my pick. I just respawned and came right back there quickly. Here's a view up the stairs.

Once you're at the top, the game is easy. Endermen don't bother you, and as he swoops at you, just swat him. I figured I'd die at some point so I didn't bring a sword...I almost killed him with my pick. He recoils when you hit him, and never knocks you off.

I eventually suicided and went and got arrows, which also killed him quickly and easily. See here...also easy to get back.

Before long...he was done. Really easy, slightly tedious, but really easy.

Soon, the egg spawned:

Without much effort, you get the egg and then jump into the abyss :D

So that's the deal; tedious method but entirely simple with some perseverance, needing no enchantments or potions (or even food really).

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  1. Audr09 Says:

    I love that you did this, Surf. On the server Will, Hoss, and I play on I solo’d the dragon as well. I didn’t manage to get the egg though. What’s your technique to picking it up?

    Also, you should know. We’ve locked all other factions out of the End. So it’s our own little personal playground on the server. :D

    I killed the dragon without dying though. Level 50 enchants on diamond armor = amazing. :P

    I have some badass screenshots of it dying. I took like 8, so you can see the whole deconstruction. Ended up with 150 xp levels!

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