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My New series, The Town

so, I know I have missed posting a few videos but I just started this new series to replace Show Your Shit and Man vs. Minigame while I sort out how to make sure those shows can keep running without stopping again due to lack of content. A lot of people have wanted me to start from scratch on my house and so I thought I would create a series around me and a few friends building a little town. Add survival and maybe a few goals and this show is a keeper! This first season is a just a "test" season, as I like to call it, where there is no specific objective in place and I'm just seeing what stuff I might add to the next season. This season could have been better had I been more prepared but, that's ok, it's just YouTube. So, here's episodes 1 and 2:

101- Speed Demon


102- Back on Track

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  1. William H Carlton Says:

    Stephen, it’s a shame the end of the second video cuts out just before my epic banning of Fredie and davecarlin.

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