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minecraft problems =/= incest

so i was having a hard time trying to get my client to just run properly and was getting really hacked off about it.
then hobo swooped in like some narcoleptic bat and dispensed some timeless wisdom...
"well its not as bad as getting your aunt pregnant"
and you know what? HE RIGHT! some real words to live by.
so come on everybody! when you having a bad day just stand out and shout "I MAY BE HAVING THE CRAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE, BUT AT LEAST MY AUNT ISN'T HAVING MY BABY!"
that is all.

    3 Responses to “minecraft problems =/= incest”

  1. xhoboninjax Says:

    true story bro

  2. rtkermit Says:

    thats weird wilson…

  3. wilsonfam Says:

    i know right. hard to imagine hobo “swooping” anywhere.

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