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members weigh in.

ok so I'm making this post on behalf of Rtkermit, despite what he calls me when he thinks im not at my computer.

he has some concerns that that members aren't having the voice thy should in what go's on with the server. i guess he feels that members are being treated as sort of 3rd class citizens instead of valued members of the community.

He wants to push for a sort of representative type system as a go between admin/owners and members with one or more people as the spokes person. And his point for this is that members out number admin/owners and should therefor have more of an influence on big decisions.

So i don't now if its really like this or not so im asking for members to weigh in and just say if you're cool with how things are done or if you feel like a communication error has occurred.

is this a valid concern or is it just Rtkermit.

yep no one cares about this. cool thats all cleaned up then.

    3 Responses to “members weigh in.”

  1. Landon Flaniken Says:

    ay ay ay fuck this! lol. leave it up to the owners to decide shit! admins dont have a big say either. just let the owners do their thing.

  2. Rtkermit Says:

    Shut up landon did u just wait till this was put up to bash it

  3. surfrock66 Says:

    If member’s didn’t get a say, there wouldn’t be a poll.

    You would just come on one day and there would be a new map.

    Instead, at the “should we consider it” phase it was brought out in the open, and put to a vote.

    Pretty democratic if you ask me.

    If you want more of the admin/owner experience, just ask people to constantly scream at you “KERMIT KERMIT I WAS WALKING AND THERE WAS A GLITCH AND I DIED AND I HAD 1000 DIAMONDS ON ME CAN IHAVE THEM BACK!”

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