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Mega Grinder

Gold and I and some others started talking about making a MEGA-GRINDER. Here's my sketch of the layout...we're talking bedrock to sky:

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  1. sbrough10 Says:

    How did you manage to come up with this and how does it work?

  2. surfrock66 Says:

    giant square tower.

    That’s the layout of each layer. Total darkness in each, 3 tall. Anything spawns, wanders into the water, falls through the holes.

    Collection point on the bottom layer.

  3. Morate Says:

    Nice. If you need any help, let me know. That is, IF I can connect to the server. Minecraft is being retarded, so I might not be able to get on the server for a while. And before anyone asks: Yes, I removed the mods, and yes, I tried starting with a fresh minecraft.jar. Keep me updated, guys!

  4. petrispier Says:

    I would also help if you need it if Minecraft would let me connect.

  5. LightningMan00 Says:

    Let me know if i can help too. But I can’t get on like morate either.

  6. cipeon Says:

    Let me know if i can help in any way, even if it is only supplying refreshments (porkchops… mm…)

  7. pigeonsnackwrap Says:

    crap design :3

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