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me and nike dunk all over da pace

EDIT: Surf here, when I made kermit an author on the website I told him "Minecraft Pics Only."  When he posted these, rather than pull them, I thought "let's make them minecraft related instead."  I think this is a happy compromise :D


    4 Responses to “me and nike dunk all over da pace”

  1. sbrough10 Says:

    Awesome, just make sure you take down the post at some point. If it’s not related to minecraft we don’t want it to clog up the forum. We had to do the same thing with Goldstar’s big ass fail blog ad too.

  2. T00MZ Says:

    but i still beat you in 1 on 1 pat =)

  3. surfrock66 Says:

    I hereby pledge to make the pictures minecraft related.

  4. sbrough10 Says:

    What ever, just trying to be consistent with the rules :P

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