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Making Backups Public

Ever since we've been doing backups, the other mods and I have been occasionally downloading them for some extra backup protection. By leaving backups on the server, we protect against corruption of the files, but by downloading them we protect ourselves from issues like we're having now where the hosting company runs wild and we don't have the files. I'll be honest, I haven't been great about doing this regularly as it's a pretty manual process.

To some degree, it's a bit unfair that we have access to the map when other's don't; it allows us to look at it in a program like minutor and find things others wouldn't necessarily find. Also, if I get hit by a bus and I have all the backups, we're screwed. That's why I've put a link in the sidebar to the most recent downloaded backup.

I download a backup file and save it to the public folder of my Dropbox account, where it will stay linked to in the sidebar. Also, I'll be updating the date of the last backup so you know how old of a map you're looking at. The server has been offline since the 20th, and the most recent backup I have is the 17th, so if we have to move hosts, it looks like we'll lose 3 days of work.

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  1. MrGoldstar1 Says:

    bus incoming!

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