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La Revolution Update

From rtkermit:

Hey everyone Kermit again so I felt that I would be better to change 
the date of the pvp battle to June 27th at 8:30 eastern time. I am 
currently in the middle of finals and many of the owners are busy, so I 
thought it would be in our best interest to move  the date. By the end 
of this week hopefully by the 17th or 18th we will have an area 
selected and then I will allow people to start building there 
respective bases. We are still trying to think of a way to distinguish 
each other from one another( ideas needed) But rules are basically set 
no spawning items. Yet TNT is in play and any type of trap you can 
think of. I have decided instead of straight killing each other each 
team will have some sort of iteam to defend along with other minor 
objectives. As of now I think it will about 12v12 , of course this 
number will grow. Yet I still need help with everything so anyone 
willing to help would be awesome.
thank you, rtkermit

I have an awesomely immature idea for teams/skins, i'll work on it in the morning, 
and we can also use the /nick function to change to names indicating status/team
I'll update soon.


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