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Kips Wombat Skin

I'm looking for some practice with skin-making, so I asked around for help a little bit. Kips wanted a wombat skin, so here it is!

If anybody else wants a skin done, leave a request in the comments. I'll do anything that wouldn't get banned on teh3l3m3nts.

Happy 1.3, everybody!

    8 Responses to “Kips Wombat Skin”

  1. iKips Says:

    This is awesome :D

  2. MrGoldstar Says:

    I want the new Snoop Lion as skin :P

  3. Morate Says:

    Glad u liek it. I’ll see what i can do, Gold.

  4. 0ld_Sp1ce Says:

    Hey Morate! I’d like whatever skin you think I’d like. Essentially I dont care what skin but I want to see what you can do! fire away!!

  5. Naruto8890 Says:

    Can you make a skin thats a Mash up between Naruto from the anime show and Ulfric Stormcloak from Skyrim? Because my nick name is Ulfric and my reg IGN is naruto8890

  6. Shelbie8 Says:

    If You Ever Have The Time, Id really like a fox skin of a sort if you can, i love foxs >:P

  7. cncr04s Says:

    can we not post stupid stuff like skins on here?

  8. Omokisei Says:


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