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Investigating the Aether (Spoiler Alert)

There has been alot of hype around the Aether mod and i have been excited ever since I first read about it.  So, I have taken it upon myself to give it a good speed test to find all the problems, glitches, effect on the game we know and love... basically all the ins and outs.  After extensive research, I am proud to share my findings with you:

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Nothing from the surface world works in the aether.  You must start from scratch again, find some trees and make some tools.  The only items that will help you are food, armor, and weapons.  These items work inbetween worlds. 

The best way to describe the aether world is beautifly dangerous and very hard to travel.  There are two ways to travel between the floating islands.  One mode of transportation by flying pig.  The other is by Moas and its the the best way to travel by far. There are supposed to be 3 types of moas each with a different number of mid air jumps but i havent seen any wild moas and only blue eggs that are found in bronze and silver dungeons.  However, I did /item white and black eggs to test.  Also, saddles are craftable with leather and string.

Bonuses of Aether:

1.) wowfactor

2.)adds alot of dynamics to the game

3.)awesome dungeons with challenging bosses (besides bronze :P)

4.)More blocks = new and interesting builds

5.)Most aether blocks have cool attributes associated with them which means more contraptions and mini games to come up with :D Engineering ftw

6.)HARDCORE survival

7.)Awesome dungeon loot with magical bonuses adding alot of diversity

Problems with Aether:

1.) Moas can be brought back to the surface world by falling down which warps you out of the aether

2.) Zombies cant hit you while mounted on a Moa

3.) Armor, weapons and accessories trump weapons and armor in surface world which makes the value of diamond drop but you still need it for picks, shovels, axes and hoes if your pimpin

4.) Shading glitches

5.) Glitched dungeons: Silver dungeons with no way to get to the boss and bronze dungeons that bisect other bronze dungeons sometimes causes there to be no loot for killing a bronze dungeon boss

6.) If you try to dig down on top of a gold dungeon you will die instantly from a firey death.

7.) Where are the white and black moas!!! i could never find them naturally.

8.) Cant stand on a gravitite or enchanted gravitite block when its floating upwards D:

9.) Strange death glitch: You die and end up in the nether, go through portal to try to get back to surface world and your back in the nether, 2nd time traveling through nether portal finally takes you the the surface world, then finally back through aether portal to get back .... annoying and tedious


Final Thoughts and Words of Wisdom:

The Aether is awesome.  It feels like your playing a whole new supercharged version of minecraft.  I highly recommnend trying it out for a single player game.  If they make a multiplayer plugin for it, I'm not so sure we should get it for the server.  It effects the surface survival too much at the current stage of minecraft and thats what our server is based around.  However, if Notch adds similar things to the surface world to balance things it may become an option.  If you do decide to play Aether in your single player game, MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR MINECRAFT files! :D


    6 Responses to “Investigating the Aether (Spoiler Alert)”

  1. MrGoldstar Says:

    i played it too a lot and the moas arent spawning because there are too many zephyrs.
    Another modder made a fixed version with a lot of changes but i cant find it anymore :/

  2. sbrough10 Says:

    One thing I found with the Aether mod is that it seems that, if you change to peaceful, the snowball shooting things will stop spawning, but when you change back to normal, they spawn again. anyone else had that experience?

  3. IMGArY Says:

    Ive been pumped about aether coming out for months. I say fuck it. Let’s use it, bugs, glitches and all!

  4. surfrock66 Says:

    It’s not out for multiplayer yet :(

  5. MrGoldstar Says:

    alone quicksoil is worth it :D

  6. MrGoldstar Says:


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