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independence day display 10pm est

Its the 4th of July and that means we American players go party all day, hang out with family and friends, eat to many hamburgers, and shoot bottle rockets at each other. and maybe if we have a second,  stop to remember that on this day in 1776, 13 people signed a official document that said to great Britain "F*** you guys. We're done!" at this point in history one group of people only broke away from another more powerful nation when the more powerful nation collapsed.  so the rep's of the colones knew that this having any chance of working were slim ant that by signing, there lives where forfeit should thy lose.

So on this day we celebrate not just the fun of explosive, but people having balls . because if thy didn't the world would look completely different today. that was over 200 years ago and its been one hell of a ride.

So its independence day! Get wasted and blow crap up!

UPDATE FROM SURF! Here's my ghetto video of the event!

I'm not getting wasted tho, I'm LDS so i choose not to.

    3 Responses to “independence day display 10pm est”

  1. xHoboNinjax Says:

    LOL great post

  2. Rtkermit Says:

    Hahaha surf u say like 3 times ” look honey it’s says USA ” and she is thinking to herself yes honey I can fuckn read ahahah

  3. LandonStrikesAgain Says:

    that video is seriously the most ghetto video i have ever seen! bahahaha

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