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I’m still playing Minecraft

Hey, guys. I know I haven't been on Minecraft much lately but, between finals and projects, I haven't had much time... Well, that's not completely true. Don't get me wrong, i still LOVE minecraft but, the game has worn on me a little. I will probly start playing again in early June so don't start looting my house. The same should be true of my YouTube videos which will hopefully return sometime this summer. Just thought I'd let you know.

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  1. Rtkermit Says:

    Hey Steve it’s Kermit I was so concerned that you were gone forever and now that I heard from you, I am all better. Unfortunately there is a cereal arsonist on the loose (his favorite is fruit loops) he is causing chaos all over but now that your coming back I think t3l3m3nts might just pull through. ( your still on all the time)

    – with loving hate Kermit

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