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Idea for 1.3 map!

Hey guys so i was thinking the other day and was wondering what everyone opinion was on adding factions/groups for the 1.3 map. Now these factions/groups will not get any special abilities but it is simply there for the fact of having friends to build with and having occasionally battles against a faction. I was thinking of maybe having to option not to join a faction/group but that would ruin the point.

    3 Responses to “Idea for 1.3 map!”

  1. iKips Says:

    I think that’d be appropriate. Some people already organized some empires. So I say go ahead.

  2. Omokisei Says:

    I’m friends with everyone though </3

  3. Shelbie8 Says:

    Yup, omo is friends with ALMOST everyone :/, and, i tihnk the idea is good, but im more of aloner :/

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