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I pwned that 13 year-old griefer…


Last week I had most of my valuable shit stolen, and when exploring around the neighborhood...I found all of my rarities in their appropriate amounts at Crackledoo's place of residence. I also found him snooping uninvited previous to the incident. With all of the supporting evidence, I banned his hairless-ass and BLEW all of his shit up. That's how I roll sbrough.

He won't be receiving trial...forever. There are enough people to populate the server who aren't douschebags.

Rest assuredly, everyone can sleep in their little red minecraft beds a little more soundly now that a griefer has been banned.



    4 Responses to “I pwned that 13 year-old griefer…”

  1. Rusty Says:

    Yo dude, this man is the balls…you should all give him 20 dollars or something…

  2. porjos Says:

    Thank you rusty for your kind words.

  3. IMGArY Says:

    Joey, i love that i know u well enough that without even thinking, i knew you made the comment from “rusty” yourself hahaha. If you werent so pretty, it wouldnt be ok. Brodak moment :D

  4. Crackledoo Says:

    I didn’t steal your stuff, my roommate RipTide66 said he mined it, my “sneaking around” was waiting outside your door to visit you. You grief my church, is that honorable at ALL?

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